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You must remember, your business thrives on enhancing people’s looks. Which means if you can’t make someone look and feel beautiful, you have no business. The first part of the equation is making sure that you get really, really good at your techniques. No one will come to you if your work is not polished enough. This is why the quality of training you get is super important.

Mastering Techniques 

In an interview with KS  owner and master artist, Kathy in this post, she talks about how mastering the craft takes time. Mistakes are inevitable and more than that, it’s an important part of your growth process. In mastering your microblading techniques, be prepared to make mistakes. Do not be discouraged when you don’t get it right the first few times.

Having said that, it will be helpful if you’re working hand-in-hand with someone who can guide you in these early stages of your career. Is your trainer present during your first appointment? Are they available to answer your questions while you are doing your work on your first client? Choose someone who will be patient with you while you are learning and at the same time, will help you trust yourself that you will eventually be able to do the work on your own. It’s also not good to be too dependent. Listen to what other students are saying on their reviews.


At this point, this will sound repetitive but listen: There is a difference between putting countless hours practicing your skills and deliberate practice.  

They say it takes 10,000 hours to master a skill. And yes, it’s important to practice as much you can but what counts more is practicing very specific skills. Lost? Read on.

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