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Lash Extension

Lash training courses are delivered by a team of highly skilled Lash Perfect Professionals. With a wealth of experience in all areas of beauty, Our Lash Perfect trainers are experts in their field and will provide your therapists with the skills, techniques and confidence to qualify as capable and proficient eyelash extension technicians.

Offering 1 day or online training course at venues throughout the USA, KS INTERNATIONAL BEAUTY ACADEMY Perfect prides itself on offering a comprehensive introduction to the art of semi-permanent eyelash extensions. The course combines essential theory which is followed by extensive lash application training.



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Natural Eyelash and Eye Area Health

  • Eye and eyelash anatomy and physiology

  • Common eye conditions relative to eyelash extensions application

  • Proper assessment of a client’s eye health prior to eyelash extensions application


Disinfection of Supplies and Cross-Contamination Prevention

  • Proper hand washing

  • Disinfection of tools

  • Cross-contamination prevention

  • Maintaining a sanitary work environment


Irritants, Allergens, and Eye Conditions

  • Minimizing irritants and allergens 

  • Application Environmental System

  • Environmental factors and ideal settings for eyelash extensions application

  • Overview of infectious diseases and disorders of the eyes that may impact eyelash extensions application


Client Consultation

  • Pre-application qualifications alongside a thorough assessment of the client’s natural eyelashes, eye area, and general health

  • A holistic approach to selecting and designing customized looks based on a client’s physical attributes and lifestyle

  • Proper documentation and client record 

  • Managing client expectations


Concepts of Design Theory

  • Utilizing a holistic approach to lash design that complements the client’s facial features

  • Holistically customizing lash designs based on natural eyelash criteria, eye shape, eyelid platform, eye color, brow shape, and skin tone

  • Utilizing different types, tapers, lengths, diameters, curvatures, and colors to enhance the design

  • Adjusting the area and frame for different eye shapes

  • Attachment techniques for different natural eyelash types

  • Becoming proficient in design customization


Methods of Enhancing Eye Shape

  • Customizing lash designs based on each client's eye shape and design preference

  • Strategies for enhancing eye shapes

  • Creating the illusion of different eye shapes

  • Effectively managing clients’ design expectations while following safe application guidelines

In-Depth Overview of Natural Eyelash Types

  • Designing for various natural eyelash types, including downward-pointing, straight, curly, coarse, fine, and light-colored natural eyelashes

  • Application strategies to maximize design opportunities for each natural eyelash type

  • Success strategies for applying to difficult natural eyelashes


Introducing Color into Lash Design

  • Enhancing facial features by incorporating color eyelash extensions

  • Effective color transition techniques


Evaluating Eyelash Extension Longevity

  • Overview of eyelash extensions longevity and determining appropriate lash retention

  • Strategies to monitor and assess natural eyelash shedding

  • Identifying signs of poor aftercare and poor application techniques

  • Strategies to monitor and protect the long-term health of the client’s natural eyelashes


Additional Application Techniques

  • Utilizing Taping for Separation techniques to make hard-to-reach natural eyelashes more accessible

  • Identifying application speed to establish appropriate application times for each appointment

  • Establishing pricing for eyelash extensions services



  • Effectively determining the cause of and resolving:

    • Common client concerns

    • Common application errors

This is an Online Course and is not downloadable. Once purchased, this course does not have an expiration. You will get unlimited viewing access in your account.
All Online Course purchases are non-refundable.

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